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What to Do in Rocky Point

Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco): What to Do in Rocky Point?

Need ideas on where to go and what to do in Rocky Point Mexico (Penasco)?

There are many options to make the most of your next beach vacation in Rocky Point. Whether you prefer terrain or water activities, this is definitely the perfect place for the whole family to have lots of fun under the sun in Rocky Point…. Here are some options that you might want to consider during your next trip to Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point).

We also suggest you take a look at our Top 10 Rocky Point Activities article, to have a quick view of what to do in this amazing Port!

There are plenty of different options to have fun when visiting Rocky Point, from going out on an amazing fishing trip to Bird Island where all family can enjoy of kayaking and snorkeling to take a nice and quite walk on the beach by the Sunset.

Our CEO would like to tell you about his experiences:

Bird Island : “This is an amazing trip.  I have taken my family out there several times.  It takes a bit to get out there but sometimes you will see some wildlife on the way there.  When you get there, it is incredible!  The sea lions will greet you as you arrive with their loud cry.  There are seals everywhere!  There is definitely no shortage of birds but with that comes bird poop.  That is probably the only down side but it would not stop me from visiting.  I like to snorkel and watch the seals and sea lions.  They are very curious and will swim right next to you.  If you want to get some exercise in, you can ride a canoe around which is also pretty fun.  Worst case, just float around and you will see the seals and sea lions stop by in curiosity.”

Fishing : “This is my absolute favorite.  You can fish from the shore, I recommend going to the estuary in low tide.  You can catch flounder and a few other types of fish.  However, if you want to really go crazy with fishing, you can rent a boat and head out.  You have a few options.  If you just want to catch fish, you can just go right around the shoreline.  They know where the good spots are and you are likely to catch fish.  I like to go out and go for the larger fish but this takes most of the day.  If you love to fish, I strongly recommend going out on a boat.  Any of the companies down there are pretty good.  I just recommend going out 20-21 miles if you want the big fish!”

Other ideas:
Playa Hermosa Beach – Do this one at low tide Dad & Mom. On the real low tides the rocks and rock rimmed tide pools are exposed. When you can see the ‘seaweed’ it’s really a low tide. Kids can explore the pools for fish, octopus, squid, shrimp, crabs, coral, colorful sea plants, etc. On the day we went, some kids found a 4 foot long squid! Set some rules for “Look and Not Touch.” Let kids know others want to see these wondrous things & creatures too!

Sandy Beach – For exploring visit the southern end where the rocks start, the staff & their kids found whale bones (Illegal to take back into the U.S.) and unique sealife. The hurricane in late 1997 brought the sand back to the Mirador Tourist zone beaches. The 45 degree rocky angled area has leveled out & you can walk there – for now!

But, for a Real Old Fashioned Beach the ‘Playa Hermosa’ is #1! Also, take a look at some  water activities ideas. How about a cruise, Rocky Point offers many different type of cruises during the sunset. We have an entire page dedicated to activities in Rocky Point.  This might be a good place to start!

On the Ocean
There are many fine and dependable sport fishing charter services available in Puerto Peñasco.
Or, you can pick up a rod, ask around for a good local spot, and fish from the shore. Check out our fishing info and our fish chart to help you figure out what’s biting and when. Our boating page may also be a good resource for you.

There are a ton of bars in Penasco. Or you can drive somewhere and have a quiet night on the beach. Or you can dance from bar A to bar B to bar C. Or you can sit on your balcony and watch the sunset and just chill the evening away.

Soccer, Baseball, Basketball games – (Organized City Teams & pick-up games) at Municipal Athletic fields located behind Baseball Stadium at entrance to town – Various games/times all day Saturday & Sunday. Stop by and join in.

CET-MAR Aquariums –This is no longer open.  They closed it a few years ago.

CEDO ‘Center for Deserts & Oceans’ – Offers free tours (2pm Tuesdays – 4pm Saturdays) & natural history walks (Located in the Las Conchas Community, past gate approximately 1 mile, up on hill to right and look for sign and Whale Skeleton). Great family oriented educational spot to tour. Highlighted are joint programs with the University of Arizona & Sonora Government, Marine studies, Desert information, Re-cycling programs, Library and Book Store-Gift shop. Email CEDO or Call 382-0113 for details.