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What is the weather in Rocky Point Mexico?

Weather in Rocky Point

How is the weather in Rocky Point, you ask?

Much like the rest of the southwest, the climate in Peñasco is characterized by average temps in the 50-100 degree range, depending on season, and is marked by seasonal storms and high-weather seasons.

The Sonoran region in general – being a desert situated next to an ocean/source of humidity, yet pockmarked with areas of high elevation change – is characterized by temperature swings that can make the nights unseasonably cold compared to the day’s blistering heat.

From January to May – ‘Spring’ – you can expect an average of 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

From May to August – ‘Summer’ – you can expect 80 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer days can be uncomfortably hot as the humid air and heat combine into a sweltering climate.

From August to Dec – ‘Fall/Winter’ – you can expect 60-75 an average degrees Fahrenheit, with rain more likely during this stretch of the year.

The Sonoran region’s summer rains are typically short and heavy – ‘monsoons’ that can wash out desert roads and uproot trees. Winter rains tend to be longer, lighter, more widespread and less dangerous.

What is the Weather in Rocky Point Mexico today?

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