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Rocky Point in the Winter

Many people probably wonder, Why should I take my family to Rocky Point in the winter?  Well, I figured I would try it out for myself and I wanted to share with everyone what a wonderful experience I had.
I think Rocky Point has some well kept secrets.  I took my wife and my 2 year old daughter to Rocky Point about 2 weeks ago.  The days were chilly and windy, and the nights were a little bit cold.  However, this did not stop us from having a blast.
We arrived on a Wednesday afternoon around 5pm.  We went straight to the beach.  I brought my dogs because they love to run along the beach.  I spent the next hour and a half chasing my daughter and my dogs down Sandy Beach.  We played with seashells, we put our feet in the water, and we even built a few small sandcastles.  The best part of all was that we were practically alone.  I love going to Rocky Point in November and December because it is me, my family, and the ocean.  Don’t get me wrong, I love people, but there is nothing like having a beach to yourself.
Around 6:30, we headed inside because it was starting to get chilly.  We cooked some food and just watched movies in the room.  After everyone went to sleep, I went on the balcony and gazed out into the dark ocean!!!  Believe it or not, it is one of the most relaxing activities I have ever experienced.  If there is a full moon or anything close to it, you will get a nice view of the moon on the ocean.  It was quite chilly so I had to pull out the sweats!
The next morning we went to the brunch at Citron in Las Palomas.  We ate our hearts content!  Maybe I am biased to Las Palomas but every time I eat there, I feel like a king.  Their all-you-can-eat breakfast has a little bit of everything.
After breakfast we headed out to what I think might be the best kept secret in Rocky Point….  CET-MAR.  At first glance many will say, WHAT A DUMP!  My daughter thought quite differently.  They have these large buckets with fish.  Not quite Sea World but it was very interesting.  You could see small manta rays and many different types of fish in these large buckets.  So, what was so great about this place?  As we continued around our tour of the small aquarium, we ran into a huge above ground pool of sea turtles.  My daughter was soooo excited.  Giant turtles swimming up to you…  You could pet them, you could feed them, and it was an amazing interactive experience.  Just past the giant sea turtles was the best surprise of the day.  A sea lion!  This sea lion was inside a cage with its own little swimming pool.  It would swim around and come up to you to figure out what was going on.  The fence had small holes where he would poke his head.  They allowed us to feed the fish.  While this was a little bit scary, this was the closest I have ever come to a sea lion.  I was able to feed it and pet it at the same time.  This was not my daughters favorite thing but it was definitely an experience she will always remember.  I have taken my daughter to Sea World, and I felt that for the $4 admission, she got 10 times the experience!  You obviously have to use your imagination and be open to the fact that it is Rocky Point.  However, it was the best $4 I have spent in two years!
After CETMAR, we headed back our condo.  Luckily, the tied was out and once again, we went to play on the beach.  While the water is chilly, it does not stop you from getting your feet wet.  My daughter had a blast running in and out of the water.  We walked down Sandy Beach and there was noone around! 
Next in line was a dip in the heated pool.  This was quickly followed by some relaxed time with our daughter in the jacuzzi.  I honestly felt like I owned the resort…..
At night, we went to Citron once again.  Their concierge was playing music that Thursday night.  We ate, we danced, and finally had to leave because it was time for my daughter to get some sleep….  It was a wonderful day.  Everyone had fun and our trip was a remarkable success….
Friday morning we woke up and cooked up a nice little meal in our condo.  We took our daughter for one last beach run and headed home.
So, for those of you who think that Rocky Point is just cold weather and cold water in Nov and Dec, I have to disagree.  The weather is like that of Phoenix.  The water is chilly but the beach is still enjoyable.  There are things to do for everyone in the family.
If you have any similiar stories, please share them….  It is important for people to realize that Rocky Point is a gem and truly a year-round vacation experience.