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Citron at Las Palomas

On my most recent trip to Rocky Point I discovered a new place to go for a buffet brunch. 
I went to Las Palomas and tried the new restaurant in Phase II called Citron.  In the past I had eaten dinner at La Maria in Phase I, and I came away very impressed.  Let’s just say that my outing at Citron was no different.
Upon arriving at Citron I was immediately impressed by the overall appearance of the restaurant and the food on display, the general ambiance if you will.  I have worked at a few fine dining establishments in Phoenix as a server while attending college, so I had seen a few brunches in my time in a “fine dining” setting.  I can attest that my expereince at the breakfast buffet at Citron rivaled what I served locally in Phoenix.  The major difference being that the Citron brunch featured more traditional Mexican dishes.
There was an array of Seafood choices, an omelette bar, a pastry bar, a fruit bar, and a juice bar.  There were also warm breakfast and “brunch” items available to eat.
I tried a little of everything that was offered.  If you walked by my table, you would see the plates full of food and not long there after, my server was taking away empties.  This of course is a good sign at any buffet. 
Needless to say, I enjoyed my eating experience at Citron, and I would not hesitate to make a return trip.