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Extension of Malecon boardwalk area to serve as national model

Extension of Malecon boardwalk area to serve as national model


He stated that upon the request of the federal authorities, who are interested in the furthering the effort, he had decided to accept the invitation to present the project in detail. Sights are set on bringing it to fruition within the short term as a pilot project, and one that is solely unique in the country.

Renteria Sanchez stated that they already have the draft of the project, which costs $700,000 pesos, and currently a private company is drawing up the definitive plans that will run at a cost of 6 million pesos. The Mayor affirmed that according to preliminary estimates, they will require between 40 and 50 million dollars to carry out the extension of the Malecon to circle Whale Hill and connect up with the Mirador. It is quite possible that they will require a mixture of resources from private intiative.

The Mayor remarked that since the beginning of his administration they have taken steps to make the project to broaden the Malecon a reality and, with the support of the federal government, this is a priceless opportunity to make advancements.

He stressed that they would continue knocking on doors to attract investment that will make a positive impact on Puerto Penasco. The undoubtedly ambitious and necessary project will provide a longer, more attractive and functional boardwalk.