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My recent trip to Rocky Point

My recent trip to Rocky Point

My recent trip to Rocky Point

Is it summer time already? As long as I have been going down to Rocky Point, I have always considered the Memorial Day Holiday to be the kick off for the summer fun in Rocky Point. I always make a trip down to Rocky Point before Memorial Day and shortly thereafter. I just returned from Rocky Point and as usual there were new things everywhere. I wanted to take a moment to talk about a few things I saw of note (at least in Arturo’s opinion) SECURTIY and FOOD.

The first item of interest relates to security – I toured a few resorts as I often do, and in every resort I was in, I saw a pamphlet which comes from the office of the mayor of Penasco. The pamphlet was advising people on what to do if they are pulled over by the Policia. I found this to be an interesting item so I grabbed one for keeps. In summary, here is what is advised…..

1. Do not offer to pay the Policia for any violation or accept an offer to pay for a violation on the spot, this is considered a bribe. Instead, go down to the station and pay any fines there.

2. Take note of the Officers number

3. Take note of the Officers vehicle information

4. Finally, there are a few small Policia information centers staffed with Bi-lingual officers. They are there to help out and answer any questions one may have.

I was extremely impressed to see this pamphlet and it is very helpful! However, before you know it I was distracted by my cravings for food (rarely happens J) I was caught up thinking about a nice Carne Asada taco. Now on to the FOOD……..

I have two things that I wanted to mention for the food portion. First, I saw a Dominos Pizza in Rocky Point. I am not sure how their delivery service is, if any, or how the menu may differ a bit from the American Dominos locations. Next time I am down there, I pledge to try Dominos. I was excited to see a Dominos there. What is next, McDonalds? Frankly, I am shocked McDonalds is not down there yet. I had heard rumors that there was one coming but nothing yet.

The final food item of note is that the Sonoran Sea Resort now has an on-site indoor restaurant. The restaurant is called Martinis. It resides in the Ocean View portion of what was the main lobby at the Sea. I think this is a great move to put an on-site restaurant at the Sea. I stopped in for appetizers and I was impressed with the food and the menu.

That is all I have for now. I am going back down to Rocky Point in about one month. Upon my return, I will make sure to Blog about my trip. I am sure there will be something new!