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Rocky Point Rentals By Owner

Rocky Point Rentals By Owner

There are so many websites out there trying to advertise rentals by owners for Rocky Point that the market seems over saturated.  Today, I ran into what I think is the best website for rentals by owner I have seen in years.  The website is  If you are an owner and you are looking for ways to market your condo, this is the solution.  It is such a creative and efficient way to showcase properties..

Check out some of the listings by visiting the urls below:

Sonoran SunLas PalmasPrincesa  

I went through their listing packages and their prices are very fair.  Even if you already rent through a property management company, they actually can still help you without the famous Rocky Point problems with “dirty deals”.  RpRentalsByOwner follows a strict process to make sure that they continue their great relationship with the local property management companies.

Good luck!