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Rocky Point Rentals By Owner

There are so many websites out there trying to advertise rentals by owners for Rocky Point that the market seems over saturated.  Today, I ran into what I think is the best website for rentals by owner I have seen in years.  The website is  If you are an owner and you are looking for ways to market your condo, this is the solution.  It is such a creative and efficient way to showcase properties..

Check out some of the listings by visiting the urls below:

Sonoran SunLas PalmasPrincesa  

I went through their listing packages and their prices are very fair.  Even if you already rent through a property management company, they actually can still help you without the famous Rocky Point problems with “dirty deals”.  RpRentalsByOwner follows a strict process to make sure that they continue their great relationship with the local property management companies.

Good luck!