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Sonoran Sky Resort, the newest Sonoran Resort, is it better?

Sonoran Sky Resort, the newest Sonoran Resort, is it better?

I just returned from Rocky Point and I stayed at the newest offering from the Sonoran Resorts family of Sandy Beach resorts, The Sonoran Sky resort.  I have stayed at all of the Sonoran offerings now, the Sonoran Spa, the Sonoran Sea, the Sonoran Sun, and now the Sky.  Having experienced them all and the uniqueness each offers, I wanted to take a moment to Blog about the new Sky.

So, why is the Sky different?  The first thing that I noticed different about the Sky is that there are elevators to access the condos in the lobby.   This is not seen on any other Sonoran project.  You check in at the front desk and jump in the elevator to be lifted to your floor level, this is convenient.  Unfortunately, being that the resort is new, they did not have bell hop carts yet.  This would have helped me take everything up at once.  At least they are coming soon which will be a big help. Speaking of the lobby, the lobby is impressive looking and provides sitting places to lounge.  I was able to sit down on a comfortable couch, plug in my laptop and surf away on the resorts wireless internet.

I stayed on the penthouse level, Floor 15 at the Sky.  Which is actually 14 floors up despite being called floor 15.  What I learned that I was not aware of was that many higher rise projects do not include a floor 13 due to superstition.  Okay, so you learn something new every day right?  The penthouse level gives you a feeling of importance right away.  Guests staying in the penthouse level are given a special key.  This key must be put into the 15th floor button in the elevator by the guest in order to access the penthouse level.  If you are not a penthouse level guest, no dice as you do not get a key to access that level.  I guess this is a nice touch to help minimize unwanted extra traffic on the your condo floor.  The condo I stayed in was one of the 2 one bedroom Penthouse units at the resort.  It was very nicely appointed.  I noticed right away the stone domed cupula with the sky light in the center of the condo.  This and the 10 foot ceilings created a feeling of a more spacious condo and these are offerings only provided on the penthouse level.  

How was the resort in general?  The resort was very nice, it is smaller in width compared to the other Sonorans.  What was really cool was that there is a very nice restaurant with wide open views of the Sea.  We had the 8.50 breakfast buffet sitting inside right by the windows and had a perfect view of the Sea.  The food was good and we were well fed for the 8.50 cost.

Overall, the resort is very nice and I would recommend that you stay there at least once if you are considering a Sonoran Resort.