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How is Rocky Point in Winter Months?

How is Rocky Point in Winter Months?

I often hear this question asked, Do a lot of people travel to Rocky Point in the Winter months?  The answer I usually give is not near the amount in comparison to the busy months but that trend is slightly changing.  There are a few factors that deter people from coming down in the Winter months in my opinion, which I will touch on.  In contrast, and seemingly more interesting, is why are more people actually starting to make the trip to Rocky Point during the winter months?

One main reason I see for a slow down in Rocky Point hotel rentals and Rocky Point resort rentals in the winter months is the weather.  The weather in Rocky Point very much mirrors the weather in Phoenix.  Being that a large percentage of visitors to Rocky Point are from Phoenix and Tucson we are spoiled by the warmer months and thus we seem to think that the 50s is COLD.  Many of us are not seasoned beach goers i.e. San Diego natives and thus we have not yet achieved that appreciation for a cooler breeze off the sea.  I have experienced it and it has grown on me.

Another reason for a slow down in the Rocky Point Reservations during the winter months is the Holidays.  Many people spend time at home with their families or travel to a different locale to be with family.  This cuts back on an opportunity to make another trip south of the border.  What is becoming interesting though, is that more and more we are starting to see people take their holiday plans to Rocky Point.  This leads me to the rest of this blog entry, what is causing the increase in the numbers that go to Rocky Point in these winter months?

I feel the trend is changing for a few reasons.  First, the resorts are going out of their way to attract visitors in the winter months.  Many of these Rocky Point Resorts now offer a Rocky Point Holiday Special pay for 2 nights and stay for 3 nights.  For those of us who love Rocky Point, we know that this is a bargain that we must jump on at least once a year.  Secondly, there are more and more attractions coming to Rocky Point in the winter months that help draw a crowd.  For instance, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers have added another Rocky Point stop on their calendar.  They are coming January 12th to do a show which is in addition to their routine visits in May and October.  The Peacemakers produce soldout weekends in Rocky Point when they make a stop there and this weekend should be no different.  Another band coming to Rocky Point is the Parrot Mafia.  The Parrot Mafia will have a concert the following weekend January 19th which should bring another wave of fans to Rocky Point.

Rocky Point is ever changing as we know.  Now we are starting to witness the slow emergence from the seasonal destination that it currently is, to one that will some day be a year round vacation hot spot!  I know I know, keep dreaming Arturo.  However, I am sure people said that about the rumors that there might be some resorts on Sandy Beach going up where we all camped out on the beach.  HHmmmmm…….