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7th Annual Motorcycle Rally

7th Annual Motorcycle Rally

The roar of motocycle engines revving up permeated the Rocky Point air Nov. 8 to 11. Thousands of bikers filled the streets of Rocky Point for one of the biggest parties of the year, rivaling Spring Break in terms of the volume of tourists. Even the locals joined the party,  seizing the opportunity to peddle their souvenirs and services.  The rally was a much needed boost to Rocky Point’s ecomony, with many rally attendees booking hotel stays, enjoying the cuisine, and purchasing souvenirs.

Many people think Spring Breakers have the wildest time in Rocky Point, but countless bikers partying and exposing themselves Mardi Gras-style show otherwise.  Videos on Youtube and other Web sites atest to this as well. An impromptu street parade of Harley after Harley entertained tourists who snapped pictures of their favorite rides.

It wasn’t all fun an games, with proceeds form the event going toward funding local charities. Everybody wins!