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Article in Arizona Republic Regarding Rocky Point Real Estate

Article in Arizona Republic Regarding Rocky Point Real Estate

How many people read the article in the Arizona Republic about buying land in Rocky Point, Mexico

Whoever wrote this article, did not due their research about the success stories of buyers in Rocky Point.  They seem to think that when someone does not do their research and purchases land, it applies to everyone who has ever bought land!!!

Over the past few years, it has been common knowledge to those of us heavily involved in Rocky Point that you stay OUT of North Beach.  When Playa Azul and Riviera Real started their projects, I actually wanted to buy a unit.  If the projects would have been on any other beach, I probably would be a proud owner today.  Because of the bad press and bad reputation preceeding North Beach, I decided to make my purchases on Sandy Beach. 

We know there are corrupt real estate agents.  This happens EVERYWHERE.  If you tell me that agents in the states will not steer you in the wrong direction for their best interest, you are lying.  Look at how many people have bought land or homes in flood zones.  That is not the smartest purchase an individual could make in their lifetime.  There are even homes bought that undergo legal battles for true ownership of the land.  This happens EVERYWHERE.  I am not sure why North Beach was used as THE EXAMPLE of all Rocky Point real estate.

Honestly, I don’t care what someone from the Arizona Republic wants to say about Rocky Point.  He probably missed the boat or got burnt without doing their research.  Then, decided to blast all real estate in Rocky Point.  For one, I am very happy with my investments and in some cases, I have doubled my investment.

See you soon!!!!