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CEDO in Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point) Wins Award

CEDO in Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point) Wins Award

As part of National Conservation Week in Mexico, the Centro Intercultural de Estudios de Desiertos y Oceanos (CEDO) or the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans, located in the Las Conchas area of Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point), received a prestigious award recognizing their group as the top non-governmental organization working for nature conservation in all of Mexico. The Arizona Daily Star has the full story here.

I think CEDO is often overlooked by newcomers as an important part of the cultural scene in Puerto Peñasco. So I would encourage visitors to take the time to contact them through their website and go visit their center in Las Conchas. In particular, I think this is a good cultural activity for everyone who feels there aren’t that many options other than the beaches in town. I know CEDO is more than happy to teach visitors about the diverse species in the Sea of Cortez and the surrounding desert. You can read more about their activities, tours and events by visiting their website (click here).

CEDO is also in the process of a fundraising drive to raise money to secure title to their land in Las Conchas. There was a recent title dispute between their organization and neighboring landowners that was settled. However, as part of the settlement CEDO needs to raise money to help pay to secure their title. So I would encourage tourists and locals not only to visit, but also to donate to CEDO’s Property Rights Fund.