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Proposed Scenic Corridor in Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point)

Proposed Scenic Corridor in Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point)

Recently plans have been announced for a $50 million USD scenic corridor that will connect the Malecon/Old Port to Mirador with landfill and a new boulevard around the seaside edge of Whale Hill.  This is exciting news for Puerto Peñasco. One of the difficulties experienced by tourists and residents alike is the lack of continuity across the town’s tourist districts. Currently, visitors must travel all the way around Whale Hill from Old Port to get to Mirador, the other main entertainment district in town. This interruption in public tourism spaces has stunted the growth and redevelopment of both areas and presents problems with traffic flow in the city.

Not only will this new boulevard around the sea side of Whale Hill connect the two main tourism/entertainment districts, it will also create an opportunity for additional tourism spaces, featuring restaurants, hotels, bars and public gathering areas along the new boulevard.  This proposed area has the potential to become the central tourism zone for Puerto Peñasco.

According to my sources, money has not yet been appropriated for this ambitious project and therefore no start date has been set. It remains to be seen where this money will come from, but my sense is it will be primarily private development money.  So like most large projects proposed in Puerto Peñasco, I wouldn’t get too excited about it until the day when machinery is actually at the site and working.  Nevertheless, this proposal shows forward thinking on the part of government officials in Puerto Peñasco and Sonora and it is good to see these types of creative projects proposed.  If it becomes reality, it will be a great boon for the city.

I have obtained the presentation showing graphic renderings and conceptual designs of the proposed project. You can view it by clicking below. It is a large file so will take a bit of time to load.  I encourage everyone to take the time to watch it.

NOTE: Presentation is very large, please be patient.  But it is definitely worth listening and checking it out.