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Vicente Fox swings through Puerto Peñasco

Vicente Fox swings through Puerto Peñasco

Apparently Mexican president Vicente Fox swung through Puerto Peñasco the other day …

  • Fox Will Recommend Puerto PeNasco To Felipe Calderon
  • Yuma Sun: Fox lauds progress
  • Mexican Leader Knocks U.S. Crime Rates

    And, even though it has nothing to do with Vicente Fox, check out Sonora promotes tourism from the Arizona Republic, which mentions a few neat facts: the Sonoran government is spending $1.5 million on new marketing to Arizonans, who make up something like 67% of Sonora’s tourist market.

    If anyone out there has photos of Vicente Fox in Puerto Penasco, please send them my way!

    Update: Apparently Fox (and Bours) stayed at the Las Palomas Seaside Golf Community while they were in town, and made a small speech or two there – fortunately these remarks are available (in English) via the Las Palomas Seaside Golf Community website. Thanks, LPSGC for putting these up, they are a good read, and congrats on the visit 🙂

    Read the man’s remarks on the future of Mexico and Puerto Penasco in general – they are a nice contrast to the picture being painted in the US press, which has instead seen fit to zero in on his ‘crime rate’ comments.