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Bringin’ you the news. !Todas las noticias nuevas!

Bringin’ you the news. !Todas las noticias nuevas!

Straight from the new De Frente (updated) …

Ex-Fishermen Change Their Ships For Motorcycles
The Office Of Sanitary Regulations Will Inspect Drug Stores
The Naval Sector Rescues Three Castaway Tourists
The Motorcycle Rally Expects To Receive Ten Thousand Riders
Ecotourism, An Activity That Hasn’t Been Adequately Exploited

All this and more – head over to …

Also, because I’m not sure it got adequate mention last time – if you haven’t seen the aerial photos from this story, they are worth checking out !

And P.S. Google – thank you for updating your satellite resolution of Puerto Peñasco on – Now, just put the street map data in and I will love you forever and ever. 🙂