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Rocky Point Rally Reminder

Rocky Point Rally Reminder

Just a reminder that the Rocky Point Rally will roll into town on November 9th-12th. The Rally is in it’s sixth year, and just keeps getting bigger and bigger. This year is going to be bigger than ever, as

I’m going to see if I can get a handle on the Discovery Channel video (Do you hear me, Discovery Channel? Drop a guy a line!) once it is available and see if I can’t get some video clips up here ASAP.

Speaking of videos, for those of you curious what the whole thing looks like, has some neat videos from previous rallies – check out Rocky Point Rally 2005 and Rocky Point Video for some short music video-style presentations. (They are both about 10 megs, windows media format)

Actually, also has some photo galleries from the 2005 rally as well – so if you’re looking for some time to kill, go poke around! 🙂

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