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The Pointe, Murals, and CEDO

The Pointe, Murals, and CEDO

The Tucson Citizen recently ran a story and video about some University of Arizona visual communications students that are painting a mural on the side of the El Barco oyster restaurant.

Fontes’ class is painting a mural on an El Barco oyster restaurant in Puerto Peñasco, Son., documenting the region’s ecological history

The project allows the students to see the importance of sustainability, social responsibility and design ethics, said visual communications professor Ellen McMahon.

It’s a rare, but relevant, education because of what is happening in the background, she said.

The restaurant is in the midst of a dispute involving real estate developers, conservationists and the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans, (CEDO in Spanish), a binational nonprofit and biological research center.

Speaking of which, here’s a recent CEDO press release (Wod doc) expressing their opposition to the approval of “The Pointe in Las Conchas” project, reflecting the concerns of neighbors in the estero, including the oyster cooperatives and the residential neighborhoods.”


CEDO is aware of the importance of tourist development for the growth of our community; nevertheless, it is essential to find a balance between development, society and the environment, respecting areas of great ecological importance. Only by working together can we identify the ideal sites for tourist activities and the necessary infrastructure without affecting these other interests.