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Doing Business In Mexico, News, etc.

Doing Business In Mexico, News, etc.

New batch o’ news in from De Frente:

Tourism Office To Be Reopened
Larry D. Large Foundation Delivers Didactic Material to Schools
Students And Organizations Volunteer To Clean The Beach
Negative impact of ‘The Pointe’ on the Morúa Estuary
The Old Pantheon, Shelter Of The Homeless And Sad Stories
Death – all of us are headed there – no doubt!
Local Airport Already Counts on Fuel

Not from De Frente, but still a good read:
Sailing for the ‘Real Thing’: New Marinas Integrate Quiet Bays and Villages in the Mar de Cortes

For those of you interested in business in Mexico:
Also, those of you with business interests might take a peek at the World Bank Group’s Doing Business In Mexico 2007. It compares the business regulations of Mexico’s 31 states, and Mexico City, and rates and comments upon things like registering property, getting credit, enforcing contracts, etc. Each state is rated on a number of data points, and there’s some neat info buried in there about doing business in Sonora. (Tip o’ the hat to for the link)