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2007’s going to be a great year

2007’s going to be a great year

I recently had an email asking me where I was, and when to expect new updates to

I’m very much here! Lots of groundwork going on right now, and I’m working behind the scenes to bring new sections into being for 2007.

For the most part I run this website according to what *I* find interesting, and hope that it’s interesting to my visitors. But this site, like Peñasco itself, if growing so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up.

2006 saw additions like our new classified ads system, tons of photo updates and of course De Frente, not to mention about nine billion reader emails. Keep ’em coming.

For 2007 I am asking you, the readers, for your input, ideas, and comments. How I can make a better site in 2007? Have an idea you’d like to see? Just click here and drop me a line. I’d be happy to hear it.


In that same vein: I’m happy to announce that in 2007, freelance writer Tim Mello and I will be working to bring you a series of articles highlighting the economic trends, development issues, points of interest articles and individuals on the scene in Puerto Peñasco. Tim’s first special report – Nascent Foodservice Makes A Strategic Move To Open A Major Products Distribution Center In Puerto PeNasco – can be found here, and we’ll be keeping an index of all his special reports under the new special reports section.

Tim’s also a photographer, so keep an eye out for his photos as well. Once his website is up and running I’ll share it with the crowd, so hopefully he’ll be posting lots of his photo work.

And that, folks, is why I’m looking forward to 2007. !Feliz ano nuevo!

p.s. Which one of you folks lost your trailer? 😛

p.p.s Someone please drop this guy a line because I think he has an awesome idea and I’d like to see it come to fruition. Movies + beach = everybody wins!

p.p.p.s – by popular demand, here’s the 2007 Spring Break schedule for major attending schools – You can see below that the UofA, ASU, UNM, and UNLV all have roughly the same Spring Break schedules this year. For more info, see our Spring Break 2007 page.

Here is this year’s Spring Break schedule for the major universities:
University of Arizona March 10-18
Arizona State University March 10-18
University of Nevada, Las Vegas March 10-18
University of New Mexico March 10-18
Northern Arizona University March 17-25
New Mexico State March 17-25
San Diego State University March 24-31