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Youtube/Rally videos, timewasters, Tim Mello’s new articles and passports

Youtube/Rally videos, timewasters, Tim Mello’s new articles and passports

You know, by this time I was hoping to have .. how to put this … ‘digitally liberated’ a copy of the Biker Build-Off episode that was filmed in Puerto Penasco during the Rocky Point Rally, but right now my internet kung-fu is failing me. If anybody out there has a Tivo’d copy they want to share, drop me a line.

In the meantime – there’s always YouTube – which is where I found this ten minute Rocky Point Rally video that is pretty awesome in its own right. Check it out here.

(There’s also this one and this one (ouch) and this one … but I could eat up your whole day with Youtube links. That site just kills my productivity, every time.)

Tim Mello is prolific as ever, this time checking in with Mi Casa Es Su Casa – the first in his ‘Lighthouse’ series – and Navigating The Real Estate Landscape in Mexico, both of which are fresh takes on the investing/homeowning angle that you all keep emailing me about and I am horrible about answering. Be sure and check them out.

Here’s another interesting tidbit that could come in handy – it looks like Homeland Security, in a stunning display of common sense, is going to drop the upcoming passport rules for children under the age of 18, making cross-border vacationing about $85 cheaper per kid. (That’s roughly … 10 margaritas/kid, in my book. Woohoo!)