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Just a reminder about Spring Break

Just a reminder about Spring Break

  • SPRING BREAK: For everybody emailing me with questions about SPRING BREAK 2007 – I don’t mind fielding your emails, but do me a favor and make sure you read the ‘Spring Break 2007‘ page first.

    I am confident this page answers a stunning majority of the repeat questions I keep answering over email. Thanks.

p.s. don’t miss our photo gallery from Spring Break 2006.

p.p.s. If you’re on the UofA campus, check this out. There’s an interesting statistic in there re: ’30 to 50 Americans are arrested’ every year during Spring Break. Considering the official estimates are 60k visitors per break, I suppose that’s pretty good …

( 03.10.2007 – see also…)

Hey! I got quoted in today’s Arizona Republic! 🙂