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Another Puerto Peñasco high-profile mention in the NYT

Another Puerto Peñasco high-profile mention in the NYT

Puerto Peñasco (and Las Palomas) just got a pretty high-profile mention in the New York Times – this time in their ‘Great Homes‘ section, in an article titled: “Second Homes + Golf = a Worldwide Phenomenon“. The article examines the growing trend of tying real estate developments to golf courses, and the industry’s one-upmanship that drives the bigger-better-faster-more developments and projects.

…. industry executives say that a well-known course architect can add more than 20 percent to the value of a development’s houses and jump-start a project.

“The name gives credibility to a development,” said Alan Mishkin, president of Abigail Properties, which is based in Phoenix and is building Las Palomas, a residential and golf project in Puerto Peñasco, Mex.. “Golf courses are not moneymakers,” he said. “They’re the sizzle on the steak” of residential developments.

The place is really ‘on the map’ these days: ‘Puerto Peñasco’ keeps popping up in major publications around the world.

Semi-related: I just returned a from a nice leisurely vacation spent lounging in Peñasco and I’ll be posting some photo galleries and updates soon. Hello to everybody I touched base with on this trip!