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Stay the @#%$ away from the oysters

Stay the @#%$ away from the oysters

From the Az. Republic: ‘Authorities issue warning on Puerto Penasco oysters’

Arizona has issued a warning to avoid raw oysters from Puerto Penasco after officials linked 13 cases of hepatitis A, 11 of them in Maricopa County, to consumption of oysters from the Mexican seaside town.

The state Division of Public Health Services said all the cases involved people who were in Puerto Penasco, also known as Rocky Point, and ate oysters from places including street vendors between March 8 and March 25.

The health agency said hepatitis A can take 15 to 50 days to develop. Symptoms include fever, loss of appetite and, possibly, jaundice.

Here’s the actual release from Arizona DHS, which notes “Illnesses associated with eating uncooked oysters are not uncommon and have been reported in numerous states, including California, Florida, Texas, Alabama, and Louisiana.”

Personally, I got vaccinated against Hep A years ago as part of a batch of shots I got for out-of-country travel, and for $25 (which is roughly what I remember it costing at the time) it’s a pretty cheap peace of mind to have.

On a less unsettling note, the Times Online has this interesting article, “Banking on going green“, which details the rise in environmentally-friendly solutions popping up in response to the specific challenges of building in the Mexican regions.

Population shifts and the arrival of American buyers are putting unprecedented strain on Mexico’s infrastructure in other beauty spots like the Yucatan peninsula, where fresh-water supplies are already threatened. Loreto intends to be different. Al its electricity will be supplied by wind turbines and it plans to produce more drinking water than it consumes …

The full article is here.