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AZ Daily Star: Rocky Point concert fans will be safe, officials say

After a huge narco shoot-out in Cananea, Mexico, on Wednesday, some people are a bit jumpy about attending the upcoming Peacemakers concert scheduled for the 19th in Rocky Point. Hence this article in the Arizona Daily Star, titled ‘Rocky Point concert fans will be safe, officials say‘:

Mexican officials say they are prepared to receive the thousands of rock fans who will converge in Puerto Penasco for an annual beach concert today.

The bloodshed that has tainted other parts of northern Sonora in recent days has not compromised public safety at the popular beach destination, municipal judge Karla Cañez said Friday.

“It is completely safe here,” she said. “We haven’t had any incidents happen like those in Cananea, Arizpe and Hermosillo.”

As a precaution, Cañez said the city’s police presence would be beefed up during the event by doubling patrols.

You can read the whole article here. For those of you windering where Cananea is, it’s about 150 miles east of Rocky Point. (Hey, I didn’t know either …)