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It’s about a month late, but it’s a heck of a read …

It’s about a month late, but it’s a heck of a read …

It’s a bit late in getting posted because of the translation turnaround, but it’s a pretty thrilling read nonetheless:

Fire In The High Seas – Chronicle Of A Water Rescue, just posted on De Frente

Ten tourists suffered moments of panic and anguish while sport fishing aboard the yacht ‘Marina House’ – ten miles away from Puerto Penasco’s shore. The accident occurred the 28th of April and left two people with minor injuries.

Jose Tavares is the captain of the fishing and tourist boat ‘Yora II’ and, fortunately, he was at the area at the moment of the incident. When it happened, Tavares went to the rescue of the castaways where by then living moments of terror on the deck – which was in flames. When he arrived, one of them was already in the water of the Sea of Cortes.

Tavares indicated that at 9:45am on that sunny morning he heard a nearby explosion. At the moment he was entertaining a group of American tourists in the art of sport fishing. The captain of the boat asked the tourists to pick up the fishing reels and he headed towards the direction of the detonation. Soon after, he noticed a column of smoke in the sky…

You can read the whole article here.