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Verrrrrrrrrrrry interesting

Verrrrrrrrrrrry interesting

Check out this one very interesting tidbit from‘s ‘Napolitano in Mexico to discuss ways AZ and Sonora can partner economically

If we look at the size of the population in the U.S. and in the state of Arizona that is reaching retirement age, we can see that, in Sonora, this offers an opportunity to offer them quality services,” he (Bours) said.


Carlos Slim, who may now be the world’s richest man, noted the sharply increased costs of health care in the United States, much of that borne by the federal government in Medicare costs. Slim, who owns Telefonos de Mexico, said that presents an opportunity for Mexico to become a place where retirees can come to get medical care at a much lower cost.

But that, said Slim, will require getting Medicare to cover medical procedures done in Mexico.

“I’ve read that many retirees are going to Singapore to get their health treatment because they save about 80 percent in health care costs,” Slim said.

“This would help the U.S. in its financial situation.”

Is medical tourism aimed at the U.S. market poised to be the next huge wave in Mexico? I know the dentists are already doing a pretty killer business, and with lots of current attention focued on the U.S. healthcare system’s shortcoming it certainly looks like some folks are betting on it.


p.s. don’t forget to check out Jim Nintzel’s “Time and tide wait for no hombre in the ever-growing village of Rocky Point” over at the Tucson Weekly.

(… somewhere over at the Weekly there’s a very happy headline writer, proud of themselves for that one …)