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New De Frente, a neat fundraiser, bikes and scuba, Rocky Point Blogging, and the Border Conference

Let’s see if I can break the record for the longest news post ever:

First up: Here’s a new edition of De Frente:

Check ’em out over at

The Border Conference is just about to gear up …

Speaking of big news, the Border Governor’s Conference kicks off September 25-27, 2007. Governors, businessfolk and other well-connected and cash-heavy individuals from all over the border states – Arizona, Baja California, California, Coahuila, Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon, New Mexico, Sonora, and Texas – will be meeting in Puerto Peñasco and discussing a wide, wide array of issues that will effect the border states for many years to come.

There’s a lot of power about to amass in Puerto Penasco, and the sheer fact that this event is being held here means that Peñasco has entered a whole new level of influence and importance. A lot of attention is about to focus on this little town …

I honestly wish I could be there. I never used to care much for politics, but I’ve come to realize that once you slog through all the bad parts, there’s some good things that can happen. Plus, Felipe Calderon’s supposed to be there, and I missed his last visit. (Also, I could use the excuse to get the heck out of the office, but unfortunately it ain’t happening.)

If you are attending the Border Conference, and would like to share your thoughts and/or photos, please drop me a line.

p.s. 09.28.2007 – Here’s some news coverage: