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Here’s an interesting tidbit …

Here’s an interesting tidbit …

Here’s an interesting tidbit: Puerto Peñasco’s being eyed as a potential plant site for algae-related biofuel production.

I have absolutely no idea how this works, but it has something to do with using algae to help make biodiesel. Apparently you need a whole lot of algae, and somewhere to grow it.

From Biodiesel Magazine:

PetroSun has announced plans to build algae farms and oil extraction plants in Alabama, Louisiana, California, Mexico and Australia. The company plans to extract oil from algae for sale to existing biodiesel refiners.

PetroSun has completed an agreement with Grupo Santa Maria to provide consulting for its initial production facilities in Mexico. … The two companies will focus their initial efforts in the state of Sonora, identifying sites for algae farms and extraction plants near the cities of Hermosillo, Guaymas and Puerto Peñasco.

Here’s some more info, from a press release. Petrosun’s headquartered in Scottsdale, so it’s only a short hop away from Puerto Peñasco. Seems like a good fit to me.

Also, unrelated but interesting – Bomberos Without Borders from the Santa Barbara Independent:

Herb McElwee is an ambulance chaser, and he not only admits it, but he’s very proud of it.

The former Montecito Fire District Fire Chief says … he has been in hot pursuit of ambulances, along with fire trucks, fire hoses, or any other kind of fire equipment that might be heading into retirement. Once targeted, McElwee rescues the out-of-commission apparatus, and then arranges for it to be donated to communities in Mexico.

On vacation in the small fishing village of Puerto Penasco in the Mexican state of Sonora, McElwee visited the local fire station. He was taken back by what he saw. “They had nothing,” he said. “I knew right then it would be a nice gesture to try to help them out.”

On his return from vacation, McElwee went to work to arrange for a retired Montecito Fire District fire engine to be donated to Puerto Penasco. Later, a second truck was delivered with nearly heroic results. During a restaurant fire, the second truck enabled the Puerto Penasco fire department to swiftly contain the fire.

Here’s the whole article.

Later in the story, it is noted that McElwee is seeking some funds for a new truck purchase – I’ve dropped him an email to see what I can do re: sending some intetested folks his way.