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The Rocky Point busy travel season is in full swing

The Rocky Point busy travel season is in full swing

Generally, the busy travel season in Rocky Point brings the masses to the beaches as people are in search of the perfect vacation getaway, this year seems to be no exception. The busy travel season in Rocky Point runs from March to mid July, then picks up again in September and October.  There are constantly new developments taking place in the Rocky Point travel and Rocky Point Reservations arena.  We would like to take this moment to mention some of the current Hot topics.


Passports ARE NOT REQUIRED to drive to and from Mexico/Rocky Point.  There has been some confusion from recent media reports that stem from the new policy that passports are required for AIR TRAVEL ONLY!  People are getting confused thinking that this policy applies to driving and it DOES NOT!  To read more about the passport topic, click here

Resorts on the horizon

New Resorts are popping up every where and two in particular seem to be grabbing the most attention.

First and foremost is the buzz surrounding Los Corales Resort which is briskly selling units.  This new resort will be in downtown Rocky Point in the Mirador and will feature its own pier for guests of the resort to enjoy.  This very unique offering brings a great location to the table along with amazing value in its current sales price.  For more information, please see the website,

The second HOT resort comes from our friends at the Sonoran resorts family.  The Sonoran Sky resort is selling what units it has left and they are selling fast.  The Sonoran Sky is the latest offering from the team that brought Sonoran Spa, Sonoran Sea Resort, and Sonoran Sun Resort to Sandy Beach.  We encourage all people to visit the model which is located on-site at the Sonoran Sea resort.  This model is very attractive and worth the trip if you are in Rocky Point.  For more information please visit,

Finally, as always the upcoming Memorial Day holiday is a sellout in Rocky Point.  There are still places to stay for that weekend but there will not be anything left for long, so book as soon as you can!