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Mexican Government wants to attract more tourists to the Baja and Sea of Cortez

Mexican Government wants to attract more tourists to the Baja and Sea of Cortez

For many of us, we have seen the recent growth booming in Puerto Penasco along side the Sea of Cortez, also known as Rocky Point.  American investment dollars have been pouring into the area.  The result is seen in the many resort and condo projects that attract vacationing visitors daily in the Rocky Point Rentals arena.  We are not the only ones to take notice of this growth .  The Mexican Government realizes the potential economic riches of the Baja and Sea of Cortez.  The Government is under taking a massive project to continue the interest of tourism in the area.  The project is called, “Nautical Route Project – Sea of Cortez,” nicknamed the Nautical Ladder. 

The plan of the Nautical Ladder project is to attract Nautical tourism to the 2000 miles of the Baja coastline, and the 1000 miles of coastline along Mexico’s Northwest mainland coast.  The concept is to build 22 marina facilities 140 miles apart along the coastline.  These marinas will provide docking, fueling, and increased tourism capacity.  The idea is to allow for boats, yachts etc to stop off at any of the 22 marinas to visit the area, refuel, or receive services.  The goal is to increase the current total of 8000 boats per year that pass through the area, and grow this total to approximately 75,000 boats per year.

Puerto Penasco is targeted to be one of the stops on the ladder.  The project intends to develop and bring a marina to Rocky Point.  This bodes well for the already growing tourist economy in Rocky Point.  Once completed, the project will bring many more visitors to the Rocky Point Resorts area along Sandy Beach, which include the popular Sonran Sea and Sonoran Sun resorts.  The resorts will not be the only ones to reap the benefits.  Many owners of Rocky Point house rentals will also receive more visitors as well.  Reservations at the Point will monitor the development of this project and provide updates on the progress periodically.