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Rocky Point Rally

Rocky Point Rally

If you are planning to head to Rocky Point on Nov 9, 10, 11 of 2006, I hope you are planning your trip early. The Rocky Point Rally will cause the town of Rocky Point to sell out months before the event.

The Rocky Point Rally has become one of the most popular annual events in Rocky Point. So popular that resorts and hotels sell out months ahead of time. You can view all of the scheduled events by visiting the official site of the Rocky Point Rally at click here for event information.

The fun begins on Thursday night with the welcome party being held from 3pm to 9pm. They will have fun, food, drinks, music, dancing & shows.

So what do you do the rest of the weekend.

Friday, FISH FRY, from 2pm-6pm at Playa Bonita Patio. Click here for more info.

Friday, FIESTA ON CALLE 13, from 3pm-9pm at Cocodrilos Restaurant Bar and Grill. Click here for more info.


Friday and Saturday, CAFE OLE FIESTA, from 7-9pm at Cafe Ole. Click here for more info.

BY THIS TIME, you could be ready to go home, but wait, there’s more…..

Friday, STREET PARTY ON CALLE 13, from 9pm-Midnight on Calle 13. Click here for more info.


Friday, FIESTA DEL DIABLO, from 10pm-2am at Bumage. Click here for more info.

Phew, this day is over, but make sure you are ready for Saturday because the fun and events continue…..

Saturday, FREEMONT FIESTA, from noon-6pm, on Freemont Blvd. Click here for more info.

Saturday, BAR HOP POKER RUN, from noon-?????, starts at Friendly Dolphin. Click here for more info.

And now for some Biking Stuff….

Saturday, BIKE SHOW, from 11-2pm at Malecon Terrace. Click here for more info.

Saturday, STREETBIKE STUNT SHOW, starting at 2pm at Malecon. Click here for more info.

And just to wrap it all up

Saturday, MIRADOR STREET PARTY, starting at 6pm at the Mirador. Click here for more info.