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Head-on collision responsible for 6 deaths

Head-on collision responsible for 6 deaths

DON’T SPEED!!!!!! Everyone thinks that nothing can ever happen to you on the way to Rocky Point. They think that you can speed and pass everyone at any time. NO, YOU CAN’T. You should follow the laws just like you follow them in the United States. Mexican police are starting to get wise to this lack of respect to authority and putting more patrol officers along this highway. Hopefully, we can help prevent a future tragedy such as this one. Every time I drive to Rocky Point, I have to take extra precautions. Even then, as you can see, there are no guarantees. HELP MAKE THE ROAD SAFE FOR FAMILIES and OBEY THE LAWS!!!! A head on collision in rocky point takes the lives of 6 people.

The accident happened near kilometer 46 in the road to Sonoyta. A driver decided it was time to pass and his decision resulted in a frontal crash between a pick-up and a Suburban, leaving six dead people and two severely injured on Sunday at 3 pm. The place where the accident occurred was known as “Las Capillas” (The Chapels).

The report done by Adolfo Armando Andrade Reyes and Alejandro Sanchez Vazquez from the Federal Prevention Police (PFP), the accident occurred when the driver of a 2006 blue Titan pick-up with Arizona plates 547-RGN (the guilty driver) decided to pass in a no-passing zone and crashed with a 1993 white Suburban with plates 1YW-008 leaving 6 deaths and 2 injuries. The pick-up was driven by José Calderón Fernandez, who was 21 years old.

The report indicates that two of the persons traveling in the pick-up died immidiately, while a third one died in the way to the hospital at Phoenix. Their names where Jaqueline Nicole Tapia (21 years old), Eduardo Martinez Tapia (21 years old) and the driver José Calderón Fernandez (21 years old, resident of Casa Grande, Arizona). Also Rogelio Ángel Marrufo (26 years old) was injured.

On the suburban there where also three deaths, Carrol Ann Yacaitis (62 years old), Ronald William Yacaitis (65 years old) and Frank William Yacaitis (94 years old), and one injured, Cristine Willf (56 years old). All of them where Tucson residents heading to Puerto Peñasco. What was sad was that upon reading the Rocky Point Times, we found out that Frank William Yacaitis was going back to visit Rocky Point one last time. They had discussed going North to the White Mountains but Frank loved Rocky Point so much that he just wanted to visit one last time.

The road where the accident happened is in good conditions, the lines between lanes is good, there are boundaries on the side, signals are in good shape, speed limit is 90 km/h.

The main causes for the accident that the police found where that the pick-up driver was speeding, passing on a no-passing zone, causing a frontal crash with a Suburban which was traveling in normal conditions on their own lane, and heading to Puerto Peñasco. The Suburban went back five meters after the crash, while the pick-up went to the left side off the road, moving 16.80 meters and ending back on the side road. None of the vehicles turned over.