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Sonoran Sea Resort

Sonoran Sea Resort

We recently stayed at the Sonoran Sea Resort. The experience had its good and bad. First, I want to start by recommending condo 607W. This place is decorating in great taste and we felt right at home. From the comfortable couches, to the glass block master shower, to the decorative touches all around the condo, we loved it.

Our only gripe about our stay at Sonoran Sea Resort was the wait at the swim-up bar. We have already made some comments to management to try and speed up the process. Their answer is, “It is Mexico, what do you expect?”. Well, I expect service for the money that I am putting in towards my stay at this resort.

I have been coming to Rocky Point Mexico for a long time. At first, the beaches looked like a ghost town. Now, I feel like I am in San Diego. It is starting to be full year-round. Hot, cold, or whatever the weather. I think it is the amazing views from the balcony.

If you are looking to head down to Rocky Point, check out condo 607W at Sonoran Sea Resort. Also, don’t make your Rocky Point Rentals anywhere but with Their service is amazing. I even received a PHONE CALL just before leaving to make sure that everything was ok. On a previous reservation, they sent me a gift in the mail. I spend a lot of money on my vacations each year, when I find a quality organization like Reservations At The Point that goes out of their way to make sure I am content, I am sold!!!