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Tattoos in Rocky Point Mexico

Tattoos in Rocky Point Mexico

Being that I am personally a tattoo fan myself I would like to share some facts and tips if you are ever interested in getting a tattoo for yourself in Rocky Point. Tattoos in Mexico have become so familiar now days, aside from all negative comments and prejudice that use to exist about tattoos. A tattoo that was visible would fall in the category of a lesser person in society. “I think tattoos end up being like walking art. So it becomes a gallery of a person. And I think if you ask somebody, every tattoo has a story or has a meaning behind it.” Tattooing is just another way of expressing yourself. From cute small designs, to a whole sleeve, tattoos are art.

There are not many tattoo parlors in Rocky Point, like many other places in Mexico. There are only 2 licensed tattoo parlors authorized and fully compliant with sanity and health regulations that exist in Rocky Point. Centro 69 Tattoo and Octopus Ink Tattoo Shop. Centro 69 Tattoo was the very first tattoo shop open to the public in Rocky Point. Centro 69 Tattoo is located in the old port. This was a very wise and functional area to place the tattoo business being that the old port is one of the most visited common areas from tourist of the U.S. and other parts of Mexico. Centro 69 Tattoo is the only place in all Rocky Point that also has the piercing services available.

The pricing for a tattoo can range $200 pesos up to $3000 pesos depending on the design and size of the tattoo. Centro 69 Tattoo requires making appointments in advance for your tattoo session. Hugo is the owner and professional tattoo artist of Centro 69 Tattoo. He is originally from Rocky Point himself so if you’re in for a tattoo session Hugo could also provide many tips that will be in handy during your stay in town. The second tattoo parlor that exists is Octopus Ink Tattoo located in the center of town, Ernesto Garcia is the Owner and professional tattoo artist of Octopus Ink Tattoo. This parlor does accept walk-ins at any time. Appointment beforehand is required for more complex tattoo designs. A tattoo could be anywhere from $200 pesos to thousands depending on the design. Black-And-Grey fine line tattoos and artistic colored designs hang off the parlors wall demonstrating the inspiration that makes Octopus Ink Tattoo a successful parlor.

Locals don’t come into these parlors for tattoos all the time. Many times clients walk into these parlors for advice on simple designs or ideas for artistic presentation like a drawing for homework. Many get design ideas from these parlors for temporary henna tattoos that venders offer tourist and locals on the beach, another reason to visit rocky point beaches without having to go through a painful session to have art plastered on your body. Temporary henna tattoos cost from $50 pesos up to $200 pesos also depending on the design selected from a whole binder folder full of art designs that the venders offer. Temporary henna tattoos are preferable from tourist and locals getting that artwork done for that special Kodak moment at the beach. People of all types of ages and genders should get a temporary henna tattoo once in their lifetime. Especially when visiting the beaches here in Rocky Point.

So if you’re ever in town and you are a tattoo lover don’t hesitate to stop by the tattoo shop in town. If you feel the urge to get a temporary tattoo while you’re on the sandy beaches just make a quick hand sign to a nearby vendor and soon enough you will be taking pictures with your temporary henna tattoo.