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Rocky Point Cruise Port

Rocky Point Cruise Port

It is official, the first Home Cruise Port in Mexico is being built, and it will be built in Rocky Point. Construction started on the 10th of December of this year and the project is planned to be finished by summer of 2015.

There was a ceremony held to make the laying of the foundation stone official. There were several prominent figures who attended the event such as Rocky Point Mayor Gerardo Figueroa Zazueta, COFETUR (Comisión de Fomento al Turismo) Coordinator Javier Tapia Camou, Commander of the Naval Sector, Vice Admiral Adrián Arriaga Arteaga, the Captain of the Port Luis Castro Galán and other representatives of private business sectors along with the Director of Public Works of the City.

A great thing that will be happening once the Home Port is built is that Cruise ships will be docking in our waters. You know what that means? It means that there will be more of a chance for people to come and have lots of fun in Rocky Point.

The reason why Rocky Point was chosen for the Home Port project is because of its strategic geographical spot. If you think about it, it is a perfect hour and a half from the border of the United States and it has some of the best tides in the world. And better yet, the airport is right around the corner and can provide you with international flights that will get you to some of the best places in Mexico.

Having the Home Port in Rocky Point is of great benefit not only for international tourism but for all national tourists that are trying to travel by cruises, but it’s not possible for them because they cannot get the proper documentation to go to another country Home Ports exist that dock cruises. Another benefit on this new infrastructure is that there will be a future for upcoming generations and the great thing to know is that this would not be possible if certain companies had not invested in Rocky Point. For example the company Consorcio Constructor de Obras Marinas S.A. de C.V is doing the work of building and making Home Port actually happen.

The 10th of December of 2013 will be a historical day for all of the residents of Rocky Point as it marks the start of the Home Port. The Home Port is a promising and very well thought out project that is finally becoming a reality for the Port. We hope everybody has a benefit from this infrastructure, and better yet we hope all the visitors will fall in love with our town.