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Rocky Point Better Infrastructure

Rocky Point Better Infrastructure

This year will be closing with some very good projects coming up 2014. The Rocky Point Mayor is really putting thought into these projects which will benefit the entire community. Some of these projects are already done and others are just starting. Not only will these projecjts be very helpful to all of the community, but to tourists as well. We all know that for some time now the Rocky Point road infrastructure is in need of improvement. Thankfully Mayor Gerardo Figueroa Zazueta has made it clear that he is here to change this infrastructure and has decided to remodel these roads. The roads that are being remodeled are: Calle 13, Boulevard Benito Juarez, and Boulevard Samuel Ocaña.

Road infrastructure is a very important issue for our Mayor as it is another of the projects done by him for the community; this is why the remodeling of two very driven roads will be a very important project for the upcoming year. One of the projects consists of laying down 1.3 kilometers of hydraulic concrete on Samuel Ocaña Boulevard from Benito Juarez to Juan Escutia, it is said that the construction should start around the 30th of December 2013. This was informed by the Engineer Herberto Reyna Orozco Director of Urban Development, Public Works, Ecology and Zofemat (Zona Federal Maritimo Terrestre for its Spanish acronym).

The investment that will be made is 30 million pesos. The second project has already begun and is in progress on Boulevard Benito Juarez, going from No Reelección to Alejandro Sobarso Loaiza. This project has been in progress since the fourth of December 2013. Another project that was worked on during this year was that of the popular Calle 13 that is now culminated and has a very nice layout with the hydraulic concrete and will effectively prevent any sort of pot holes to be made in the future.

This investment in Rocky Point will be one of the best for the port, not only will it make our roads better it will make going places easier and of course it will make Rocky Point look very nice. It will add up to our upcoming Home Port, and make everyone get places very nice and easy. These projects will be a great welcome for the new year.