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Whale Watching in Rocky Point Mexico

Whale Watching in Rocky Point Mexico

If you are planing on visiting Rocky Point between the months of February & Mid-May, you have to plan ahead and make some space between Happy Hour and sun bathing to take a tour Whale watching with Eco Fun Rentals. This is one in a lifetime experience in. The trip is every weekend and most Fridays the boat leaves at 2PM from the Old Port Marina with a price of $25 dlls if you reserve in advance, and $30usd the day of the trip. Don’t forget to get there at least 30 minutes before the departure. This trip includes an open bar, snacks and full meal provided by Eco Fun Rentals. (No glass bottles allowed in the boat)

People from all over the world travel to this corner of the earth in the Sea of Cortes to see this majestic creatures. The Gulf of California or Sea of Cortes is the perfect place with the perfect tempature for the Whales to mate and give birth to their calves. The Whales travel each year from the coast of Alaska to make Puerto Penasco their temporary home. The most common whales you see in the coast of Rocky Point are Grey Whales and Fin Whales. But in this trips is common at any time of the year to see Dolphins, you can also take a trip to the Bird’s Island where you can see different kinds of birds and a big colony of Sea Lions but that is a total different story.

Eco Fun Rentals is a company we recommend because they care about the environment and ethical treatment of animals they plan their trips ahead with no intention of disturbing the Whales. Don’t miss this great opportunity of seeing the biggest mammals on earth!

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