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Partner company in Puerto Peñasco Mexico achieves Quality Certification “Distintivo M”

Partner company in Puerto Peñasco Mexico achieves Quality Certification “Distintivo M”

You can and should never stop to strive learning more in your life because knowledge is what allows successful students to turn into successful business men and create successful businesses. Even once you get a job, or create your own business though you should never stop trying to learn and advance yourself in whatever your chosen industry may be.

We would like to congratulate Mexicor Reservations, one of our excellent business partners, on completing Distintivo M certification that is offered by the Secretary of Tourism. This course does not only benefit Mexicor Reservations, but it also benefits the local community and strengthens the touristic destination that is Rocky Point. This course is designed to train employees on how to improve organizational and planning skills to be able to manage their assets and human resources in a way that optimizes productivity and customer satisfaction. Medium companies and large corporations alike can benefit from the course and have bring a positive impact to their tourist destination.

This certification is not easy to receive though and in order to be able to receive it you must attend all 6 sessions of this course. It is a process to help your company grow and if you follow it, it will help! Mexicor was not the only company to receive this “Distintivo M certification”, there were also 24 other local companies that received it as well. To also recognize their awesome accomplishment here is the list of the companies that completed the course with Mexicor: Pesquera y Procesadora de Mar de Cortez Acqua Medical Center Sun Valley Business and Immigration Service Café Puerto Viejo Thrifty Ice Cream Hotel Peñasco del Sol Eco Fun Tours RPR México Mexicor Reservaciones El Guamuchil Hotel Playa Bonita Mare Blu Bistro Centro de Visitantes Schuk Toak El Tapeo Wine Bar D Lucy Spa Blue Marlin Chef Mickey’s Place Sonoran Grill Laos Mar Hotel ALP Administradora Las Palomas Sonoran Sky Cadden Ramirez Management Sala de Belleza Gloria Sushi Sun Arte y ConstrucciónMexicor and these 24 other companies closed the ceremony this past Monday August 12th with giving their testimonies as to how this program is very helpful and had a positive impact on all their businesses. We hope that all local companies and businesses continue learning and working hard in their respective fields, so that we can all continue to make a positive impact on Rocky Point tourism and the local economy!