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Complete Rocky Point Guide

Complete Rocky Point Guide

It’s summer and there couldn’t be a more perfect time to come down to Rocky Point for you next beach vacation. The ocean breeze is cooling the town of Penasco more than ever and if you don’t come down you are missing out on an amazing beach getaway. Don’t think twice about it! Pack your bags and head down to Rocky Point to enjoy some days in the sun and in the majestic Sea of Cortes. If you are new to Rocky Point, no worries! We would like to introduce something very exciting to both new and old visitors of Rocky Point. Here is a complete guide to Rocky Point where you can find anything from border crossing tips to suggestions on what to have for dinner in Penasco! Consult this guide whenever you need some quick information for your vacation and you sure to find what you need. Here is the link to the guide:

Spending your days on Sandy Beach is the perfect way to disconnect from the real word and relax for a while. Rocky Point has many exciting beach activities you can enjoy and excursions you can book. From playing jet skiing the Sea of Cortes to snorkeling with sea lions you are sure to find something you will enjoy. Here is a complete guide to the activities and excursions you can find in Rocky Point: Activities/Excursions Directory for Rocky Point.

Maybe you are looking for something less beach oriented. Perhaps you have a day planned where you want to go spend a day in Old Port to see what it has to offer, which by the way is a must do if this is your first time in Rocky Point. Here is a guide that we have created that will help you plan a fun filled day in Old Port: Guide for a Day In Old Port.

Another great way to spend your time in Rocky Point is golfing. There are several amazing golf courses you can play in Rocky Point, a few of them being Jack Nicklaus signature course, which means Jack Nicklaus himself designed the course layout. Here is a guide for golf in Rocky Point that will let you know all the courses that are available, pricing, and contact information: Summer Golf in Rocky Point

There are several great restaurants all over Rocky Point, but if you are new to Rocky Point, or just don’t know the area very well it might be a little difficult to hear about them, or even find out where they are located. Don’t worry though, we have you covered! Here is a complete guide to the restaurants in Rocky Point and where they can be found: Rocky Point Restaurant Directory.

Rocky Point is also well known for it’s bar and night life! There are several different types of tequila, beer and cocktail drinks that you can enjoy in Rocky Point. A night out on the town in Rocky Point might be exactly what you need and we have created a bar to make your night time adventures easier. Here is a complete guide for clubs and bars in the Rocky Point area: Rocky Point Bars Directory.

We hope that the guides/directories we have provided for you will make your next trip to Rocky Point a little bit easier. Please let us know if there is anything we missed, or you would like us to add! Safe travels and enjoy your next vacation in Rocky Point!