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6th Annual, Loco For Fishing, Deep Sea Fishing Tournament

6th Annual, Loco For Fishing, Deep Sea Fishing Tournament

The Sea of Cortez is one of the most popular fishing destinations around the world. Puerto-Penasco (or Rocky Point) actually started off as a fishing town and was able to grow over the years thanks to a significant increase in tourism. The tourism has brought many exciting new developments and events in Rocky Point. One of the most popular and anticipated events of the year is the “6th Annual, Loco For Fishing, Deep Sea Fishing Tournament” which takes place from June 14th-16th. This tournament attracts fishing enthusiasts from all over the country to compete in Rocky Point’s most anticipated fishing tournament. It costs $150.00 US per participant and there are prizes in each category for the best weight: Grouper, Pinto Bass and Sardinera.

Friday is the first day of the event when all of the captains of the individual teams meet and there is also a welcoming party for all the fisherman and attendees, there is no fishing on the first day. Saturday the fishing begins at the crack of dawn, right at 5am all the fishing boats depart from the Harbor. Fishing continues throughout the entire day and ends at 5pm, when all participants are to check and weigh in their catches for the day at Fonatur Marina. After a long day of fishing it is nice to kick back and relax, so the tournament hosts a fiesta at Capone’s Pizza & Seafood for all the fisherman. The fiesta begins at 7pm. Don’t stay out too late because fishing commences once again at 5am on Sunday morning, the last day of the event. This is the day you want to come out quickly and finish strong because fishing ends early at 3pm, and that is the last time you will be able to weigh in any of your catches. At 5pm the winner is announced and there is one last fiesta for all the participants at the same place, Capone’s Pizza & Seafood!

There are over $10,000 in prizes available to all the contestants who win in any of the three categories: grouper, pinto bass, and sardinera. Be ready for tough weekend because these fish put up quite the fight! Some of the fish that are caught come in weighing over 90 pounds! Do you think you can you reel in a 100lb grouper? Regardless of your fishing experience we recommend coming out for the tournament and seeing what deep sea fishing is all about. If you have a friend with a fishing boat go along for the ride to see what it is like to go deep sea fishing, you may just find yourself a new favorite hobby!

For those who are interested in participating in this tournament, registration begins on Friday at 6pm at Al Capone’s Pizza & Seafood located at Sinaloa street at the Mirador. Good luck everyone!