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Las Vegas Night Charity Event

Las Vegas Night Charity Event

Do you enjoy going to Vegas? Do you enjoy playing black jack, roulette, poker and all of the exciting games that casinos have to offer? Well this summer you don’t need to go as far as Vegas to have this same experience and you can also do good and have your money go towards a children’s charity.

This Saturday May 25th, the Sonoran Sky Resort is hosting the 2nd annual “Las Vegas Night for Charity.” This event takes place on the 2nd floor in the convention center and is an all night Vegas themed charity event. People in attendance can play Black Jack, Roulette, or participate in a Texas Hold Em’ Tournament. Sonoran Resorts sales team and staff volunteer their time to set up and theme the entire convention center to create a “casino” for the attendees. With hundreds of prizes donated by business and generous individuals, you should bring your a-game and best poker face so you can have a shot at winning one of many of these amazing prizes. For only $35 you receive $300 on charity chips and are set for a night of gambling and fun.

100% of the money that is raised in this event goes to DIF, which is a major social assistance and family development program that was created by the state of Sonora in 1976. The programs sponsored by DIF are only partially funded by the city, the rest comes from generous donations and events such as the “Las Vegas Night for Charity.” Some of the assistance that DIF provides for families and children in Mexico are: boxes of food and milk (many of these families don’t have the money to purchase these essentials), daily food to the elderly who can no longer provide for themselves, medical services by a full time doctor, funeral costs, professional physical rehabilitation for children and elderly in need and metal and physiological consultation.

One of the most important programs that DIF offers is a shelter home that provides a place for 26 children from the ages of infant to 11 years old with a place to live and be safe from harm. Unfortunately some of the previous family situations for these children were extremely life threatening and not conducive environments for a child to grow up, so the DIF provides a positive childhood and growing experience for these children that could not be found anywhere else. The goal in this shelter is for the children to recover from any traumatic experiences they may have had in their previous homes and they are not released until they are fully recovered.

If you are in Rocky Point this weekend be sure to attend this wonderful event and help the DIF provide for more children and families in need.