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Circus Mexicus June 6th – June 9th

Circus Mexicus June 6th – June 9th

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers have been playing shows in Rocky Point for the past 12 years. The most notable of these shows is called Circus Mexicus. With thousands in attendance Circus Mexicus is one of the most anticipated events in Rocky Point. It is a four-day festival with several activities each day for its attendees. This year it goes from June 6th-June 9th and it is nearly sold out!

The first day starts off with the event called “Hot Dog & a Smile.” The drummer for RCPM, PH Naffah, is in charge of cooking the hotdogs at JJ’s Cantina. The proceeds go to the local orphanage, Esparanza Para Los Ninos, in effort to provide them with much needed funding for the children. There are several bands that play throughout the day and entertainment for people of all ages.

The second day a big soccer tournament takes place. Roger Clyne also participates in this event. If you want to participate in this you have to be an early riser, as it starts at 8am sharp. Competition is fierce with 150 players on 12 different teams, all of who are battling to take first place. If you think you have what it takes, put your team in the running and have a go with Roger Clyne and his team.

The third day is the day that everyone most looks forward to. It is the night of the big concert on the beach where Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers put on over a 3-hour show for their fans. The energy that RCPM bring to the stage with their live performance is unlike any other band I have seen before. The crowd is singing and dancing, the weather is beautiful and no one has a care in the world. If this concert wore you out and you are a little too hungover to do anything in the morning, don’t worry there is a perfect way for you to nurse yourself back to health and also have some fun with the band.

The fourth day is a perfect way to end this event. Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers play on the outdoor patio stage at JJ’s Cantina and fans can have a few drinks to help cure their hangovers. RCPM hangs around for photos, autographs and to meet any die-hard fans. What a better way to end this weekend than getting to hang out with the band that put it all on?