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Rocky Point home of a new boxing world champion

Rocky Point home of a new boxing world champion

Por: Miguel González
In a fight held last Saturday in Macau China, the boxer originally from Rocky Point, Juan Francisco “Gallito” Estrada won the flyweight title of the World Boxing Organization (WBO) and World Boxing Association (WBA) beating Hawaiian boxer Brian Viloria.

At the end of the 12 rounds, the judges’ cards added the following scores: Levi Martinez 115-113 for Viloria, while Michael Pernick 116-111 and Francisco Martinez ruled 117-111, both in favor of Estrada. In the beginning the fight was an even combat but over a couple of episodes, El “Gallo” caused greater punishment, as a result of the hooks he was landing in his opponent’s body. Viloria became an easy opponent for the Mexican.

The motivation and hunger for glory led the Mexican to continue his attacks without hesitation. He was going to obtain a victory and force Viloria to retreated more and more who was fighting without a lot of energy and also with a cut above his left eyebrow.

In the end, the fighter born in Rocky Point severely punished the Hawaiian in the form of short hooks and uppercuts to his chin. With this victory the “Rocaportense” sums 23 wins and wins this title in his second attempt. Congratulations to this worthy representative of Rocky Point, and continuous success!