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Turn in your Gun campaign 2012

Turn in your Gun campaign 2012

From November 28th thru December 15th this campaign took place in Rocky Point. The purpose: to low the crime rates originated by the use of fire guns, to encourage the legalization of it, by promoting the legal gun control authorized by the law, reducing the risk of fatal accidents among families and society, by consequence not only from fire guns but also from explosives and cartridges.

Doing a major effort to keep a safety and happy holidays the local authorities and the Mexican Army promoted within the community to turn in their fire guns in exchange of food pantries, as well as a call to the community to proceed and legally register any fire gun that they might have on their position. Some people keep their guns at home for their own “protection” and their families as well, however and unfortunately in some occasions it does not go that way and instead of “protect” their families it ends up with tragic incidents or accidents.

Let’s not forget that in most homes there is at least one child living and they are the ones who have a higher risk of getting hurt, either because an accident or their own curiosity. Every year around the world thousands of people die due to fire guns, we must be aware and take responsibility, to make out of our community a safer one. That is why our authorities decided to start with this campaign. If you need more information where you can turn in your fire arm or how to legalize it visit the web page