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Trump set sights on Rocky Point Projects!

Trump set sights on Rocky Point Projects!

Trump sets sights in Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco)
by the Arizona Star

Donald Trump Jr., the son of one of the most prominent businessmen in the world, wants to invest in Tucson’s “beach.”
Trump is interested in building resorts in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, aka, Rocky Point, as well as housing for low-income families and financing infrastructure projects for the region.
Last week Trump met with Sonoran Gov. Guillermo Padrés inHermosillo after visiting Puerto Peñasco to talk with tourism officials and private businessmen.
“Thursday morning he flew over beach areas, the desert and the city,” said Puerto Peñasco Mayor Alejandro Zepeda. “He was very impressed with Rocky Point.”
Although Trump, an executive vice president at The Trump Organization, didn’t say when any projects could begin, Zepeda said he expects Trump to be back in Rocky Point soon.
“They are interested in many different things,” said Zepeda.
The project specifics could be made public as soon as next spring,Camilo Benedetti with Yun Capital – an investment banker for The Trump Organization – said in a statement released by the Sonorangovernment.
“We are very interested in financing infrastructure: roads, ports, aqueducts,” he said. “And we are also interested in tourism and housing developments.”
In Hermosillo, Padrés spoke with Trump about the Sonora SI, a program to develop social and infrastructure projects.
Javier Tapia Camou, with the Office of Tourism in Sonora, said the projects in Rocky Point were the main topic of discussion during the meeting between Trump and Gov. Padrés.
“We just came back from Rocky Point where he (Trump) spent a couple of days analyzing options, and he wanted to speak with the governor,” he said. “He’s leaving very impressed with Sonora.”
A posting about the trip landed on Twitter over the weekend.
“Most amazing weekend in a while in Mexico,” Trump wrote. “Biz trip turned weekend at a new friend’s ranch. Just awesome time in the desert.”