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MLPA Proposal: Rocky Point, a great place for Fishing Aficionados

MLPA Proposal: Rocky Point, a great place for Fishing Aficionados

Good news for those fishing aficionados!
by staff

Rocky Point, Puerto Penasco, a very fertile area, will continue to be a a great place for fishing under a plan endorsed by a state panel in Los Angeles California. Based on a recent article by the and staff writer Melissa Pamer, Rocky Point has always been the perfect spot for a wonderful fishing experience although many environmental groups would like to turn it into a Marine reserve. Dialogues among opposing groups have been going for a while and will continue.

There are many issues still on the table to be resolved around the economic impacts to South Bay businesses if Rocky Point, Puerto Penasco, was to be tuned into a marine reserve. Every year, many people go to Rocky Point for recreational fishing but many in Redondo Beach’s King Harbor are counting on Rocky Point, Puerto Penasco, for commercial fishing purposes.

However, many are looking to follow closely science guidelines and protect the deep rocky reef exemplified in Rocky Point.

Still a lot of discussions are on the way and decisions may change, so if you like fishing, enjoy the beautiful Sea of Cortez for now!!!!!