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It is officially open! – New International Airport opens in Rocky Point, Puerto Penasco

The Mar de Cortes International Airport in Rocky Point, Puerto Penasco
by staff

Rocky Point’s (Puerto Penasco- Mexico) first International Airport, The Mar de Cortes, opened on Thursday, November 5th. This is great news for the town of Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) as multiple airlines begin to negotiate and discuss possibilities to offer flights to this city. 

As an example, Phoenix or Tucson to Rocky Point would just be an hour away and other destinations such as Los Angeles would not be that much more, maybe one and half hours away. What a deal to be seating on the beach sipping your favorite drink ald looking over the Sea of Cortez in less than 2 hours! Other destinations are also on the table as Rocky Point receives visitors from many cities in the USA and Mexico.

Grupo Vidanta is the group behind the development and implementation of The Mar de Cortes International Airport.  Grupo Vidanta is a huge enterprise that also owns the beautiful Mayan Palace Resort and its golf course in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point).

As more information is received on when flights would be operational (from and to Rocky Point – Puerto Penasco) we will keep all our visitors informed. We receive daily requests from visitors asking for flights and of course pricing.  We are certain that many of these things are on the works right now as the town of Rocky Point is preparing for a great 2010 season.

Many efforts besides the opening of this New International Airport are on the way in the region of Sonora and states of proximity like Arizona and California, to motivate and encourage tourism to visit the beautiful town of Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) and its great beaches!

Rocky Point continues to be a great and wonderful beachfront destination for those looking for a relaxing and fun time only just a few hours away and now you will have the option of FLYING!