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New International Airport for Puerto Penasco, Rocky Point, Mexico

Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) is presenting its New International Airport!
It looks like Rocky Point is gearing up for some action with the grand opening of its NEW International Airport.
Based on some information presented in by Anita Kaltenbaugh, a Phoenix Mexico Travel Examiner, the new international airport in Puerto Penasco (Rcoky Point) will have its grand opening this month of September.
The airport will be located approximately 25 miles from Sandy Beach which is the biggest and growing resort area in Rocky Point, Puerto Penasco. It is the perfect location since it will be far enough from town and the resort area with minimal (if none) noise disruption.
The proposed name for the International Airport is Mar de Cortez Airport which is the Spanish translation of Sea of Cortez.
This airport was used in 2007 as landing strip for the Annual Border Governor conference, some people like Arnold Schwarzenegger used it to land his own private plane.
Recent reports indicate that private flights and charters can begin using the airport this fall. Many companies will take advantage of this new international airport in Rocky Point.  We have so many visitors in our site asking for flights into Puerto Penasco, Rocky Point. The most requested cities are from Tucson, Phoenix, Hermosillo, Los Angeles and El Paso, Texas.
The grand opening of this new international airport in Puerto Penasco brings hope and motivation to many businesses in Puerto Penasco. Puerto Penasco is hoping to increase his visitors by the thousands in the next couple of years. Having the option to fly into Puerto Penasco is a great motivation for many that would prefer not to drive. We are looking forward to seeing a lot more traffic into the town of Puerto Penasco in the very near future.