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Looking for real estate in Mexico? You need to check this exclusive resort in Las Conchas!

Are you looking for real estate in Rocky Point, Puerto Penasco (Mexico)??  Tessoro at Las Conchas is your answer!
If you have not done so already, you need to check this new residential resort in Las Conchas: Tessoro.  They started delivering to owners this past weekend! First delivery and many more on their way!!!!
A couple from Payson, Arizona, were the lucky ones. You can read more about their story here.  It was the first delivery of this exclusive and luxurious residential resort in Las Conchas, Rocky Point Mexico. Tessoro has made real progress on their sales (and development) over the past few months despite of the issues many private owners from the US are facing due to the economy and their concern about owning in Mexico at this point. However, many are seeing the opportunity to own in Puerto Penasco, Mexico, at very affordable and competitive pricing without sacrificing quality, location and safety.  More and more people are taking real advantage of real estate opportunities in Rocky Point today and Tessoro is doing a great job facilitating this process for new owners as well as those that already own property in Rocky Point. Tessoro’s team is presenting potential owners with a product very difficult to resist and with as much information as possible to make a very informed decision.
Tessoro has been working to promote their development for many months and the word is going around. On September 5th, Tessoro in Puerto Penasco, will have a Labor Day Celebration Party. They will be serving tacos, ceviche and margaritas by the pool complementary to all their potential owners and their families. So what are you waiting for?? Considerate spending Labor Day weekend in Puerto Penasco, Rocky Point and go celebrate with Tessoro’s team.  The celebration are on-going from 12-7pm. Come and tour their facilities and be pleasantly surprised about what Tessoro has to offer. See you in Puerto Penasco, Rocky Point, ADIOS!