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Time to get my priorities strsight and head down to Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco)

It is time to get my priorities straight and head down to Puerto Penasco
by Julie Mars – Visitor
Puerto Penasco is back on my list of summer vacation getaways…and this is why. I have been traveling to Mexico (Rocky Point) Puerto Penasco for the last 10 years (and also other places in Mexico, I love Mexico, their food and the friendliness of the people that live there) and after all the things that had hit that poor town (influenced on US economy, swine flu scares, drug cartels scares, etc) I decided not to go during the winter break or earlier this summer because I was worried about safety and getting sick.
That was so stupid of me, what was I thinking?? How can I possibly stop going to a place I love just because I am afraid of events and situations that are happening in most cities in the US. Don’t we face drug issues here (well just about everywhere), don’t we have the possibility of being expose with swine flu here??. Right?
Really, I am done with this non-sense. Based on all the forums I have visited, blogs and people that have gone over the last few months, I have nothing to fear.  They said that the town was as calm as ever, the beach continues to be spectacular 🙂 and the people that work there are wishing for nothing more than tourist to tend to and be able to keep their jobs.
I was told by (the people responsible for this great site) that you are able to blog on their portal or write comments about articles.  They allowed me to add my article (or should I say state my opinion??) here and I would love to hear from anyone that has gone to Puerto Penasco over the last few months and about their experience.
Let me tell you that I have already booked my trip to Rocky Point for Labor Day weekend.  I used to go every Labor Day as well!!  I am glad I am back on the horse. I am not sure if my words will give anyone a sense of confidence to travel to Puerto Penasco Mexico but I sure hope it helped a little.  At the end of the day, you need to feel comfortable with the decisions you make and decide for yourself if you consider things safe for you and your family. I do and thank you for letting me post this article. Julie.